Hyaluron Pen


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Our skin isn’t always able to hold up against age and stress which results in fine lines and wrinkles. Our stainless-steel Hyaluron Pen is the best and easiest solution for this! In addition, it also can be used as a lip filler. The device works with a Needle-Free Injector (NFI) that shoots high-velocity liquid (76-360 micrometers in diameter) through the nozzle to deliver the drug under the skin to the muscles and this process eliminates the use of needles, so if you’re afraid of needles or getting an infection you won’t have to worry anymore! The needle included with the device is only for extracting the liquid from its container. Go through our pictures for a visual explanation of our device and how it works. The heads can be ordered with the device and again separately afterward once you run out.

No-Needle Injection Gun, Hyaluron Pen, Face Skin Wrinkle Anti Aging, Ampuole Syringe 0.3ml Hyaluronic Acid Lip Filler

Injection volume: 0.01ml~0.12ml(the min shot is 0.01ml)

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