Collagen for Fruit Mask Machine


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Extra Collagen to use for Fruit Mask Machine. THIS IS JUST THE 32 COLLAGEN. TO purchase the machine, look for the Electrical Automatic Fruit Mask Machine.

This Fruit Facial Mask Maker is natural and will help you save money and you can easily make your own masks at home!

DIY various kinds of facial mask by pouring the juice of the fruit and vegetable, or tea, milk, honey, red wine, essential oils, herbs, etc.

Will help your skin glow by offering your skin deep cleansing, blackheads whitehead acne removal and moisturizing.

Easy and Convenient Way to do a Natural Mask at Home. Saving You Both Time and Money!


PLEASE Kindly Read The Instructions and Notices Carefully Before Using It. And note that the product doesn't include the juice squeezing function, please prepare 20ml juice before making the mask, and mix the juice with the water in proportion according to the instructions.

When clean, please not that high viscosity of liquid, such as milk, honey, will adhere to the bottom or stirred tank inside after finishing the mask making, please use cleaning brush to clean stirred tank. Using high viscosity material is recommended cleaning twice.


1 x Mask Machine with US plug
1 x Mask Plate
1 x 100ML Cup
1 x Cleansing Brush
1 x Mask Instruction Booklet
1 x Mask Knife
32 x Collagen

Kind Tips: 1. Put the machine on a flat desktop to ensure the liquid mask flow out evenly. If not, please use the dial slice to make the liquid mask evenly before cooling. 2. Mask outflow temperature is about 75 ℃-80℃, please prevent burns. 3. After you've created one mask please wash it before re-use.

DIY and Enjoy your personal facial masks with no preservatives or other irritating substances.

No chemicals. Making this a safer and healthier mask for your skin and overall health. Have fun making the fruit or vegetables facial mask by yourself at home, add it to your spa day with friends and to get the best effect of skin care, skin tightening and its elastic recovering for your beauty use the machine daily to rid your skin from pollutants in the air.

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